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Thanks for stopping by our web site.  rvNetLinx was created by RV enthusiasts for RV enthusiasts.  We're not full-timers yet, but we enjoy getting out to the mountains, beaches, state parks or anyplace in between as often as we can.  With the RV lifestyle in our blood, we wanted to share information and web links we've accumulated with our fellow RVers.

Our website history began a few years ago when we were looking for RV-specific information on the internet.  We spent countless hours on the web, looking at site after site, for information related to the RVing lifestyle.  We eventually did find it, but it was very sporadic; a little bit here, a little bit there.  We just couldn't find one site that was somewhat comprehensive for RV information.  So we decided to combine the best of what we've found and set up a site that would contain as comprehensive a list of RV-related links that we could get.  Thus, rvNetLinx was born!

Since our beginning, we have grown and expanded.  We continue to add new links, information and features.  And the number of visitors to our site has also grown, from just a few hundred during our first month live to thousands of visitors monthly.  We constantly receive e-mail letting us know what a great service our site provides.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing people appreciate what we've accomplished.

But we're not done yet.  Our site will continue to expand and evolve as we do more research and accumulate more information.  Your help, though, would be greatly appreciated.  If you know of any additional RV links we should have, information we could share or features we could add, please contact us and let us know.  Likewise, if you have an RV-related site you want included here, just visit our Submit-A-Site page and let us know.

We hope this site proves useful and that you bookmark us and return often.  We sincerely welcome any comments and suggestions you might have for this site.  Feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks again for visiting with us and we hope to see you back with us soon.

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