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This website was created to provide information and internet links of interest to RVers.  It was created to help RVers like ourselves find information on the internet related to the RV lifestyle.

Third party products and services represented on any rvNetLinx web pages are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by rvNetLinx.  Additionally, we are not responsible in any manner for the performance or use of third party products or services or any content or information contained on any website we link to.  rvNetLinx does not necessarily endorse or sanction the content or actions of any websites that are linked to or from our website.  Since web addresses are continually being added, changed or removed, we cannot be responsible for any changes made to any websites we link to since they were last reviewed.

We do our best to make sure any information contained on this website is correct.  However, we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of this information.  We strongly recommend that you consult an expert before making any decisions regarding any RV products, services or other issues.

If you find that any link we have provided is in any way not acceptable, has been changed or is no longer working, please contact us and let us know.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you come back soon.

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