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LP Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LP gas is used to fuel appliances in the RV, such as the stove, oven, water heater and sometimes the refrigerator. Propane tanks are usually rated in pounds or gallons.

A motorhome that is built on a bus-type chassis.

National Automobile Dealers Association

The term used for people who use their RV more than usual (more than just a few weekend trips a year), but who still use it less than full time.

The term for a room in an RV that pops out for additional living space.

Popup or Pop-Up
Another name for a folding camping trailer.

A term used to define the up and down motion in an RV while traveling.

The slang term for a motorhome with a front-mounted diesel engine.

Pull Through
A camping site that allows you to pull through while setting up and leaving the area. A site where you do not have to back into or out of.

The slang term for a motorhome with a rear-mounted diesel engine.

The part of the hitch that permits a hitch bar to be inserted.

A slang term for the refrigerator in your RV.

Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

Recreational Vehicle Rental Association

Safety Chains
A set of chains that are attached to both the trailer A-Frame and the tow vehicle while towing. Safety chains are intended to keep the trailer attached to the tow vehicle in the event of a hitch failure, preventing the trailer from completely separating from the tow vehicle.

Screen Room
The term for a screen enclosure that attaches to the exterior of an RV for a bug-free living area outside.

Shore Power
Electricity provided to the RV by an external source other than the RV batteries.

The term for a type of camper that mounts on a truck bed, because this type of camper slides in to the truck bed.

A room or area in your RV that slides out to make additional space for living.

The slang term for a slider-hitch.

Slider Hitch
A sliding hitch used on short bed pickup trucks to enable them to tow fifth wheel trailers. It allows them sufficient clearance to make turns without having the trailer hit the cab of the truck.

The term used for an area or room in an RV that tips out for additional living space. The Tip-Out was generally used in older RVs. Newer RVs mainly use a slide-out.

The term for a vehicle that you are towing with your motorhome. It is also known as a Dinghy.

Tow Bar
A bar used for connecting a towed vehicle to the motorhome for towing with all four wheels on the ground.

Trailer Brakes
Brakes that are built into the trailer and are activated either by electric impulse or by a surge mechanism.

Transmission Cooler
A heat exchanger similar to a small radiator through which automatic transmission fluid passes and is cooled.

Triple Towing
The term used for three vehicles attached together, usually a tow vehicle pulling two separate trailers. A typical configuration might be a tow vehicle pulling a travel trailer with a boat behind that.

Weight Carrying Hitch
A hitch designed to accept the entire hitch weight of the trailer. This hitch is also known as a dead weight hitch.

Weight Distributing Hitch
A hitch that utilizes spring bars that are placed under tension to distribute a portion of the trailer's hitch weight to the tow vehicle's front axle and the trailer's axles. This hitch is also known as an equalizing hitch.

Wet Weight
The weight of the RV with the fuel, freshwater and propane tanks full.

Wide Body
The term for an RV exceeding the normal eight feet wide. Wide Bodies are usually 102" (8' 6") wide.

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