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class A motorhome

The Class A Motorhome is the largest and most luxurious of the motorized RVs. Built on a specially designed chassis, the Class A is well equipped for short trips or long vacations, and is also well suited for full-timing.

Class A Motorhome at a Glance

    • Length: » Normal Range: 21' to 40'
» Top-End Luxury Coaches: up to 45'
» Average Length: 32' to 40'

    • Width: » Standard: 96"
» Wide-Bodies: 100" to 102"
» Widths do not include slide-outs

    • Sleeps: » 2 comfortably in a rear double or queen bed
» Up to 8 people, depending on the model and floorplan

    • Engine: » Front gasoline
» Rear diesel (diesel pusher)
» Front diesel (diesel puller - not very common)

    • Price: » Range: $50,000 to $750,000 +
» Average price range: $80,000 to $150,000

If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort while on the road, then the Class A Motorhome is for you. It has all the amenities of home in a self-contained unit. With features like a big refrigerator, oven/microwave, TV/VCR (2 in most units), satellite dish, bath facilities, bigger batteries, large water and holding tanks, generous propane supply, on-board generator and ample living space, the livability of a larger Class A is exceptional. These features also make these units especially good for "dry" camping, where hookups are not available.

Slide-outs are common on most newer units, expanding the coach by as much as 3 feet. Most units come with at least one slide-out to enlarge the living and/or kitchen area. Some come with a second slide-out for the bedroom area, and a couple even include a third slide in the main area.

On the road in a Class A is incredibly comfortable.  The Class A provides a smooth and stable ride and is easy to drive. Passengers enjoy the ride as well, as they are able to eat, watch TV, play games or even take a nap. Use of the bathroom is also available.

Because of its size, a Class A is impractical and inconvenient to use for local transportation once set up at camp. That's why it is common to see a smaller vehicle, referred to as a "toad", being pulled or "towed" behind them.

There is no doubt that a Class A Motorhome is tops in luxury and convenience. But be sure you also consider some disadvantages, such as the initial price, on-going maintenance and it's size, if you want to travel those narrow, winding roads.

All in all, if the price works within your budget, a Class A Motorhome, for many RVers, is the ultimate in RVing.

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