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Thank you for linking back to us from your website.  Reciprocal links are always appreciated.  You can link back to us with a text link, or by placing our logo, button or banner on your site.  The following are all available for your use.  Thank you again!

  Text Link

To place a text link back to us, copy and paste the following into your web page:

<a href="http://www.rvnetlinx.com/">rvNetLinx</a> - your RV portal on the internet<br />

Your link will look like this on your site:  »  rvNetLinx - your RV portal on the internet

  Graphic Link

You can also use one of the following graphics to link back to us.  To do this, you must first save the image for uploading to your web server. To save the image:

PC Users::  Hold the mouse button over the image, right-click your mouse button and then choose "save image as" or "save picture as", depending on your browser.

Mac Users:  Hold the mouse button on image and then choose "save image as".

AOL Users:  Make sure you don't have the file compression feature enabled. Visit Web Guard for more information on how to fix this.

Then use the following code to display the image and link back to us.  Replace the imagename, width and height with the information associated with the selected image:

<a href="http://www.rvnetlinx.com/"><img src="imagename.gif" width="xxx" height="yy" border="0" title="Click here to visit the rvNetLinx website"></a>

Your link code will look something like this:
<a href="http://www.rvnetlinx.com/"><img src="rvnlogo1.gif" width="154" height="30" border="0" title="Click here to visit the rvNetLinx website"></a>

use these on a white background

use these on a colored background

image name=rvnlogo1.gif
width=160 x height=30
  image name=rvnlogo5.gif
width=166 x height=34
image name=rvnlogo2.gif
width=160 x height=42
  image name=rvnlogo6.gif
width=166 x height=46
image name=rvnlogo3.gif
width=200 x height=38
  image name=rvnlogo7.gif
width=206 x height=42
image name=rvnlogo4.gif
width=200 x height=54
  image name=rvnlogo8.gif
width=206 x height=58

two buttons you can use

image name=rvnbutton1.gif
width=120 x height=60

image name=rvnbutton2.gif
width=120 x height=60

two banners you can use

width=468 x height=60

width=468 x height=60

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